Huawei is one of the major manufacturers of Android mobile phones that has a variety of products for different needs and budgets. Huawei's dramatic growth over the past decade has been remarkable. Of course, this growth has been much faster in recent years due to the restrictions imposed by the US government against Huawei, and yet Huawei has continued to produce advanced digital products and smartphones with its own features. Meanwhile, the price of the Huawei phone in the market has attracted a lot of attention due to its economic nature. Huawei's flagships in 2020 also recorded high sales in their name for this reason. Of course, in the meantime, the purchase of Huawei phone was faced with some problems due to Google sanctions, but Huawei has solved this problem well by launching Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) and App Gallery with thousands of developers around the world. Huawei phones with quality screen, powerful chipset, stereo sound, strong battery, reasonable price and beautiful design, are suitable options for children's entertainment, multimedia use and shopping. Below you can see the list of Huawei mobile phones.


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